• 「WordPressサイトでCDN、ロードバランサーやデータベース、AWSのインフラ構築を自動化したい。」
  • 「WooCommerceで通販サイトを繁忙期に合わせて自動でスケールアップ/ダウンしたい。」
  • 「APIと連携して全文検索機能やレコメンド機能を追加したい。」
  • 「マーケティングオートメーションツールを導入して効率的なWebマーケティングを行いたい。」




デジタルキューブは、WordPressとAWS (Amazon Web Services) のエキスパートが在籍する技術集団です。


それらの豊富な経験を活かし、AWS (Amazon Web Services) を利用したWordPress専門のクラウドプラットフォームの開発やハイパフォーマンスなマネージドホスティングも提供しています。私たちのエンジニアチームは専門的なスキルを武器に、技術革新のエンジンとしてあなたのビジネスに貢献することが可能です。

詳しくは、デジタルキューブの WordPress への貢献(をご覧ください。

Simple, scalable, and lightening fast. WordPress hosting for individuals, businesses and huge enterprises.

AMIMOTO on Amazon Web Services provisions a reliable hosting for your personal, business and enterprise WordPress sites.
We provide advanced cloud solutions and anticipate your needs.

  • Simple

User-friendly & WordPress Developer-friendly. Really!

  • Scalable

AMIMOTO’s exible capacity makes it easy to scale up and down to meet high traf c demands.

  • Lightening Fast

Bleeding edge technology combined with years of expertise. All to deliver the fastest and most durable platform possible.


Optimized AWS Server from AMIMOTO

Using AMIMOTO AMI, achieving 320 requests per second on a micro instance is now a reality.

Single AMI includes ready-to-run versions of WordPress.

It is completely integrated and con gured, so you’ll be ready to start developing your WordPress as soon as the AMI is launched onto Amazon EC2. This is “AMIMOTO.”

  • Free to Start

No charge for installation and initial con guration

  • Optimized for WordPress

Precon gured so you can hit the ground running

  • Server Control

Starting, stopping, backups, and stats all in one place

  • Responsive Dashboard

Manage your server from any device

  • AMIMOTO Plugins

Pre-installed for top performance, speed and security

WordPress Powered by JINKEI (HVM)

AWS CloudFormation JIN-KEI provides powerful infrastructure.

Added to AMIMOTO AMI infrastructure template are CloudFront (CDN), S3 and RDS. CloudFront delivers low latency access from anywhere. RDS and S3 reduces the load on the instance and makes it easy to recover in the event of server failure.

  • WordPress-optimized & User-friendly Setup

These WordPress-optimized templates on AWS make WordPress faster, easier, with zero failure

  • No Extra Cost

WordPress infrastructure for enterprise can be built without extra fees.

  • Simple or Auto Scaling

Automatically scaling to meet high-traf c demands

  • Low Latency and Easy Recovery

Well-suited for large-scale and huge enterprise sites

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of WordPress professionals.

Contributing over 10 years of experience pushing the WordPress mission forward.

Working with companies who excel in their eld and have passion in their work.




Twitter: @Amimoto_Ami